A Day in My Life

One day of my life as seen through haiku.

4 a.m.

warm sheets, quiet house

cats cry, ready to go out

I am half asleep

5 a.m. 

clicking corner fan

I count, 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . 4 . . . 5

when will sleep return?

6 a.m.

cat knocking at door

tap, tap, tap, I rise again

she goes straight to food

back down in bed now

my body aches head to toe;

stiff joints are the worst

8 a.m.

click, squeak, rustle, snap;

little sounds bring me awake

everyone is up

time for me to rise

there are things to do today;

nothing important

9 a.m.

cutting table out

strewn with paper and fabric

I’m ready to work

(but . . . ) 

motivation lacks

scissors remain on table;

I’m indecisive

10 a.m.

warm water on skin

sweet mimosa flower smell

my body gets clean

joints no longer ache

I can reach my feet again

and have no tick bites

11 a.m.

daughter emerges

lunch time from virtual school;

different every day

an interruption:

Florida calls for Andre . . .

it's still wrong number

12 p.m.

juicy tomato

oozes liquid as it's sliced,

bright red in color

flawless red onion

chopped up into little squares,

purple and perfect

yellow cheese, brown beans,

soft pale green avocado,

the white sour cream

colorful layers:

dinner will be delicious

seven layer dip

1 p.m.
my son emerges
seemingly happy for now;
his class is cancelled

texts from my mother
grandma is not doing well
she's the last one left

2 p.m.

opening laptop

I spend some time on my shop

despite stagnancy

3 p.m.

double tapping hearts,

social media scrolling,

please no stomach knots

I make my own post,

photos and captions written:

first time in two months

4 p.m.

wind blows through my shirt

steady walking, strong muscles,

car whips past us fast

5 p.m.

rubbing daughters back:

rose quartz wand warms in my hand

loosening shoulders

6 p.m.

dinner is ready

I love when it's done early

by planning ahead

the smell of onion

the beautiful colors too

delicious flavors

7 p.m.

sitting on the couch

Columbo solves mysteries

while I am knitting

8 p.m.

sock knitting is slow

but I love time with family;

these three are the best

9 p.m.

the sky gets darker,

quiet with a cup of tea

cats go in and out

phone alarm goes off

time to take medication;

will it help tonight?

10 p.m.

my best friend texts me

stressed by the wild fires;

she’s so far away

an ache in my heart 

wishing I could hug my friend

out in Oregon

11 p.m.

pillow perfection,

cozy mattress and warm sheets

another full day

moon in big blue sky


This post was inspired by a monthly theme from illuminate, a writing community created by The Kindred Voice

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  1. I LOVE!!!! that you did yours all in haiku. So much talent. :)

  2. Laci - I love, love, love how you showed us your day through haiku. So creative and beautiful.

  3. This was so wonderful and inspires me to write more haikus! It gave such a soft, rhythmic feeling to your day 😊


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