Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

We sit together sometimes on weekdays,

sound off, only our faces showing 

in little boxes

on a computer screen.

You type. I type. 

I nod my head to the music 

filling my ears.

Sometimes I watch you 

when my writing mind is stuck,

taking in the way you tilt your head,

or hunch your back.

Sometimes, I note the details 

of the room that surrounds you,

like the stack of books

behind you, or the way you've decorated

your wall, as if these details 

may come in handy someday.

But today is one of the last times

we'll meet this way.

The time for goodbye has come.

And I already miss this,

all our faces framed

in their little squares

while, for one hour,

we illuminate our writing.

This post was inspired by a monthly theme from illuminate, a writing community from the creators of The Kindred Voice

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